English summary of the information in Dutch on the VOI©E website

VOI©E is the association of Dutch collective management organisations (CMOs). CMOs act as an intermediary between rightsholders and users of copyright or neighbouring rights protected works and performances, to ensure that creative authors, artists, publishers and producers are fairly remunerated for the use of their work.
VOI©E’s main objectives are to enhance knowledge about and further understanding of the collective management of copyright and neighbouring rights, to provide information on the way CMOs operate and to improve transparency.

VOI©E has seventeen members, all of them CMOs operating in the Netherlands. All members endorse the VOI©E Governance Code.

VOI©E closely cooperates with the Dutch Copyright Foundation (Federatie Auteursrechtbelangen) on behalf of the creative industry, in particular by trying to improve efficiency and transparency, while recognizing the rightsholders’ need to preserve their own organisational identity.


CMOs act as an intermediary between rightsholders and users of copyright or neighbouring right protected works and performances. Here you find links to the key figures of all VOI©E members, as well as their websites, tariffs and annual reports. An overview of collective arrangements and organisations can be found here.


Rightsholders supervise their own CMO by their representation in the board. Government is also keeping a watchful eye on correct and efficient operations through a statutory Supervisory Board (College van Toezicht Auteursrechten). 


Collective license agreements for the use of creative works and performances are negotiated with user representatives. Here you will find an explanation how this works, the actual tariffs and other facts you need to know about the use of music, visuals and text in your organisation.


On behalf of both rightsholders and users of copyright and neighbouring rights protected works, CMOs have harmonized complaint procedures as well as independent complaints boards. In case a complaint about the height or fairness of a remuneration is still not properly addressed, after passing through the CMOs procedures, it can be handled by the independent Copyright Complaints Board. Furthermore, you can always contact VOI©E with any questions or comments you may have.


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